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Jenna Kast

Hand Painted Canvas Bookmarks

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Hand Painted Bookmarks are BACK for the holiday! These one-of-a-kind functional art pieces are signed on the back and make great gifts for yourself and others. Bookmarks are 2x6 inches, acrylic paint on raw canvas, and include a tassel. Shipping is FREE when you buy 3 or more.

To order, select the color family you like, and then how many bookmarks of that type. You can get bookmarks from all three color families if you'd like!

**I create so many of these at a time that I could never possibly photograph and upload each individual bookmark, so when you select a color family you'll be sent randomly selected bookmarks from that color family. But trust me, they are all gorgeous - you can't go wrong!

There are three color families available:

Enchanted Forest bookmarks are smattered with beautiful forest greens with deep purple and plum, pops of sky blue, and accented with peach and metallic copper.

Desert Holiday bookmarks feature a smart combination of earthy desert rust, succulent greens, and feature cool pops of periwinkle with accents of white and metallic gold.

Funfetti bookmarks mix inky indigo blue with bright zings of hot pink, light pink, sky blue, and lime green.

I only release these once a year, so snatch them up now for yourself, or to have gifts on hand throughout the year. There are no limits on the number that can be purchased.