hey there, friends

I'm Jenna

It should come as no surprise that I fully encourage everyone to have original art in their home or business.

I was a lover and collector of abstract art before becoming a working artist, and the experience of buying direct from an artist, seeing their work up close, and having it in your home to love and cherish for years and decades to come is an experience that I find so essential to my own happiness.

I should only hope that my work could inspire such happiness and fulfillment in your life and home.

Carry a little art wherever you go

Hand painted bookmarks

Painted on real canvas, these one-of-a-kind bookmarks are make great gifts for the readers and art lovers in your life, your book club members, or keep them for yourself!

hand lettering workbook

Learn Modern Calligraphy

My studio may be filled with paint and canvas, but this business was built on hand lettering. I still teach multiple classes a year, but you can learn from home using this guidebook.