About commissions

Commissioned artwork is custom artwork you ask an artist to create just for you, as opposed to purchasing an existing artwork.

You set the size and budget, and provide direction on color and style.

I'm here to advise! I can help you determine ideal size and color for your space. We can even pull inspiration from my past work.

Download my commission guide
  • timeline

    Commissions take on average 4-6 weeks from the time I start painting until it ships to you, and I only take on about 4 per month.

  • budget

    Cost is largely based on the size of the piece you choose. Check out my guide for rates, or email for a quote on a custom size.

  • booking

    You can book in advance and reserve your commission slot by making a 50% deposit. More on this is in the commission guide.

Limited time: designer Handbags

I'm currently offering the option to commission hand painted Kate Spade handbags, after the response I received to my recent project. Get all the details in the guide below.

handbag commission guide