I'm So Happy You're Here!

Let's talk about what lead me to leaving my career in Marketing and Graphic Design, and becoming an artist in my 30s.


My Life

Most days you'll find me in a paint-splattered jumpsuit, sipping a coffee with paint under my brightly-colored fingernails (which I insist on keeping long because).

I've always been a creative type, but my journey as a fine artist didn't start until I was in my early 30s and realized that I wanted to start living my life for me. So I picked up a paintbrush and haven't put it down since


My Work

Through my intuitive and passionate abstractions I aim to express the intangible: sentiment, passion, and feeling. I found myself drawn to nonrepresentational art because it felt like emotion incarnate – a release of energy that creates a marker in time of intangible thought and emotion. I believe in the viewing of abstract art we are not only gaining a glimpse of the innermost thoughts of the artist, but also seeing our own innermost thoughts, hopes and dreams reflected back to us like a mirror, via our own internal reaction to what we see.

My work often combines techniques that are out of control with ones that are carefully planned. Individual collections often reflect my mood or state of mind during the period of their creation, and it is my ultimate joy when collectors – who have very different life experiences and stories from mine – connect in their own unique and deeply personal way to my work, allowing it to take on a new life.

In my work color inspires emotion, composition tells a story, and texture creates connection.


My Story

Jenna Kast (b. 1985) is an internationally-selling abstract artist known for her self-taught style of colorful, intuitive artwork with expressive marks, gestural movement, and unique color stories. Drawn to creative pursuits since she was a child, she didn’t begin creating abstract art until adulthood - in the midst of her career in Marketing and Graphic Design. From her design experience she brought an eye for composition and a unique approach to creating unlikely color pairings. Inspired by light’s changing effect on the environment and mood, her work is a reflection of how our inner light is affected by color and our surroundings. She currently works out of her downtown studio in Green Bay, Wisconsin.