How to Hang a Large Painting Safely and Securely

How to Hang a Large Painting Safely and Securely

The excitement of collecting a new piece of art means you'll likely want to get it up on your wall to start enjoying it ASAP. But keeping your investment safe requires a couple extra steps. Especially when hanging large-scale art. 

Here's what I do to prep a large painting to be hung, and how I instruct collectors to prep their wall for hanging.

Whenever I ship a stretched painting, heavy duty D-hooks are installed (I like the ones with two screws for added security). They're installed 4-6 inches from the top of the painting, with a heavy gage picture wire strung tightly between. You'll hang the painting by hooking this wire onto the hanging implement of your choice.

I advise collectors to install heavy duty nails, screws or hangers directly into studs. Since studs are 16" on center, choose studs an appropriate width apart based on the width of your artwork. For example, if your painting is 40" wide, install your nails or screws into studs 32" apart. If your painting is 70" wide, you'll want to choose studs where the hangers are 48-64" apart.

Ensure your nails, screws or hangers stand .5" proud of the wall. Lift the painting so that the picture wire is above them, hold the painting flush to the wall, then slide the painting down slowly so the wire comes to rest on the hangers. Once the piece is hung, place a level on the top of the painting, and adjust the piece side-to-side so it's level.

Now you're ready to enjoy your artwork, knowing it's securely hanging on your wall!

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