The Story Behind the Collection: How my Palm Springs Collection Came to Be

The Story Behind the Collection: How my Palm Springs Collection Came to Be

It All Started With a Vacation

After a busy, busy year, for my husband and I in our lives and businesses, my family and I were in desperate need of a vacation. Thankfully a free week came up in August (everything is spontaneous for us because of our work schedules) so we blocked off our calendars and booked a last minute getaway.

We enjoyed a week laying in the sun by the pool, enjoying some rum drinks, and strolling through adorable shops. It was just what I needed to step back and STOP working for once. And I've found that when I do that, I give space to new ideas and fresh motivation.

After every major vacation we've ever taken, big steps and moves in my business come in its wake. And this trip was no exception.

Not What I Had Planned

Before leaving on our trip I had made plans for my next project: a collection of hand-painted Kate Spade bags. But when I stepped back into my studio on Monday morning, I was struck with a pull to do something different.

In recent weeks I had been heavily inspired by Palm Springs. I was drawn to the juxtaposition of earthy desert and candy-coated mid-century style.

Looking around my studio that morning I noticed some smaller canvases that needed repurposing and before I knew it, I was laying down first layers for a collection I hadn't spent one second planning. By the end of that day, I had first layers on thirteen new pieces.

I was absolutely floored that this was manifesting out of nowhere, but I decided to listen to my intuition and follow this path. Over the course of two months this collection came into existence, and the end result was beyond my expectations.

This collection is my favorite to date, and I am so proud of each and every piece. They are true gems that will blow you away when you see them in person. To view all the pieces, you can visit my Palm Springs Collection page.

Thank you for following along as I shared about this journey. So glad to have you here with me!

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