Prints are now available for a limited time

From September 16-23 you'll have a chance to collect limited edition, signed and numbered fine art prints. Three options are available - learn more about them below!

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how it works...

Prints are only offered twice per year - once in the Spring (March), and once in the Fall (September).

During each release, three print options are available BUT these print selections are ONLY available once. The same prints will never be available again. Each edition consists only of the number sold during the week they are available.

The next print release will feature three totally new prints from my recent (at the time) work.

She was fearless and a free spirit

Beautiful turquoise and sky blues compliment rusty reds and pinks, in a flowing composition reminiscent of a wind and water-worn desert landscape.

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seasons of change are welcome

Painted on-site in a local bakehouse, this painting was heavily influenced by the smell of coffee and fresh-baked croissants. It's joyful and soothing, light yet grounded.

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hypnotized by your light

There is something mystical and magical about this fan-favorite painting. Teal, indigo and lavender flow together and soothe you, while vibrant pops wake you up and make you take notice.

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Print timeline

Print releases are done as preorders. Once the week is over, all prints are ordered from my fine-art printer, then signed and numbered by me and shipped to you. Expect to receive your print orders 4-8 weeks after ordering.

Print Details

Prints are created from high-resolution photos of my work to capture details of texture and light. They're then produced by a fine art printer, using archival-grade inks on 100% cotton Entrada rag paper by Moab. The materials used in this process means that a well-taken-care-of print can last a lifetime or more.