New Collection

A New body of work

This collection isn't just new work; it's a new style of work for me.

Several months ago the idea for this body of work came to me in a daydream; I saw organic pinstripe lines over bold colorblock designs. I just knew I had to go for it. And the reward has been absolutely worth it in seeing these pieces come together.

To me, this style represents identity through art. The organic pinstripes are remenicient of an identifying code - like the lines of our fingerprints, or a barcode. It speaks to how we find ourselves in the art we enjoy and collect - those pieces become an extension of ourselves.

  • About the pieces

    The pieces in this collection range in size from small 4x4 inch "minis" to a large 40x70 inch statement piece. some are on stretched canvas, and others are on round wood panels - a first for me, and I absolutely love working on this surface. As always, they are full of texture, have playful color stories, and they're primariy acrylic paint but feature accents of metal leaf for a shimmery pop.

  • Availability

    All pieces in this collection will first be available for purchase in-person at my studio opening on March 30. This is the first time I've ever been able to debut and offer a collection for purchase in-person, and I'm thrilled that collectors will get to browse the work. Afterward, the work will be available on my website for all to collect on March 31.