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Jenna Kast

Acrylic Fluid Painting 101: Tools and Techniques

Acrylic Fluid Painting 101: Tools and Techniques

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Watch this video lesson to join me in my studio (virtually) for 90 minutes as I show my favorite materials, tips and tricks for fluid painting, and working with acrylics. I’ll demonstrate how I work with different brands and types of paint to produce the effects and textures in my artwork. I give my insights on paint brands, canvases, tools, and where to shop for it all. And, since this is a pre-recorded class you can watch any time you are free! You can even re-watch as you purchase supplies and paint along with me.

Whether you want to step up your painting game, explore new techniques, or simply see how different paints and materials work before you invest your hard-earned $$$, you’ll walk away from this class months ahead in your creative process.

Delivered as a multi-page .pdf with a link to the class video, full supply list including links to places you can purchase the supplies online, and additional information and insights. Everything you need is gathered together in one handy document!

All of the information contained in this document and class is copyright Jenna Kast Studio. Do not share, resell, or alter this material in any way.

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