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Jenna Kast

Let's Talk: Advertising on Instagram for Creatives and Small Businesses

Let's Talk: Advertising on Instagram for Creatives and Small Businesses

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Are you a creative or small business owner who has thought about using paid ads on Instagram, but you're not sure where to start or if it's worth it? Maybe you've already tried, but with little or no payoff.

I'm not some Instagram guru (thank goodness!) but I AM a full-time artist who has grown her business on this platform thanks in part to ads. ALSO, (important bit, here...) I have a degree in Advertising and I've worked for 10+ years in marketing, design and social media.

This topic is a passion area for me, because social advertising is one area that ANY size business with any budget can have an impact. If you don't currently use paid advertising to grow your business, this is the easiest and lowest-risk way to start, with the highest return potential.

Things we talk about in this class include:

  • What sets Instagram apart from other platforms
  • Dispelling myths, misconceptions and negativity surrounding social advertising
  • Getting your house in order for the best possible returns
  • Getting clear on your audience and goals
  • How to create ads, monitor and pivot for best performance

My goal is that you feel empowered to begin creating ads, armed with the knowledge to take charge of your advertising strategy and business growth.

This course is meant for those of you with NO background in marketing or advertising. It's super down to earth and realistic, with advice anyone can put into action. It involves a ~1 hour talk from me, with Q&A after

Upon purchase you'll receive a PDF download with a link to view and download the class recording.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a recording of a live class that was held in January 2022. You'll be able to instantly download and access the class upon purchase - no waiting necessary. Enjoy!

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